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CLAES' Staff Application

CLAES' Staff Application Hello, thank you for visiting my application, I did have another application but I decided to delete it a week ago because I felt it was not a good time to apply, but I am re applying now and I think it would be a better time after the rule changes. Enjoy.
IGN: CLAES ( [Famous Rank]
Age: 14 (05/11/2002)
Timezone: GMT (+0) - England
Past experience: I would say I am a fairly experienced player. I have really only been staff on one HCF like server, KoonKraft around 1 or 2 years ago. From this experience I learned my things, how to understand people and their situations from their perspective. I learnt how to screen share and deal with different types of players. I think this is a very important skill to understand how to work with different types of players and staff, because this can help yourself out trying to help another person. I was staff on this server for around 2-3 months, until it became less popular. At the time the server had a fairly large player base of around 300-600 players. Although Chain is not as big as this, I still understand how to deal with large groups of people. From this experience, I had learnt to communicate with players better. I have been staff on a few other servers but they was not HCF/Soup related, 2 Faction servers, a vanilla server, as well as a prison server. All of these servers had a small player base of around 100-300. I learnt from this experience how to communicate with different people, e.g less mentally able people, younger people and toxic players. I fully believe these skills are very important because being a staff member consists of dealing with a variety of players, sometimes in big groups.
What can you bring to our server: I think I can bring a positive outcome to the server, helping it out as much as I can. I would like to take this opportunity and try become apart of the team. I want to be a person that people can look up to. I am fairly known on the server, I have played for a few months actively, although I have been on the server back in 2013. I feel like I am fit for the position and would like to be given a chance. I think I would enjoy being a staff member than playing on the server, also I think this experience would benefit myself as a whole, by meeting new people, improving my personality, learning new skills and generally helping other people.
I would also would like to be staff because I can see a lack of staff, and I think I could be the extra staff member to help out the team and build a all round strong staff team. I really feel like I can make a difference, positively to the server, benefiting myself and the server. During my time of playing Chain, or any other server, there are always cheaters in the game. Although there will always be cheaters in this game, I want to try my best and get rid of these people and help the people who have been affected by them cheaters. Even if a player is being rude or disrespectful to me, I would never be rude back to them - everyone is treated equally. If I get accepted, I hope to put a lot of effort into this server, making the biggest change I can, I never waste time or be lazy. I want to gain trust from the higher staff, giving my self a positive reputation for myself and showing a good role model.
I have a good knowledge of how to be a staff member and like said before, how to communicate with different characters and personalities. I understand psychology and how different people work. I personally think this is an essential skill, because every staff member should understand different people, for example why someone does something. I am a very honest person, I know that being truthful will make myself prepared for any issues that can occur and I understand I should not lie to anyone, staff member or player. If I make any sort of mistake, I will be fully responsible and own up to that mistake, even if it leads to some sort of demotion, I would never not say something that I have done wrong to stop me getting punished, because I know eventually someone is going to find out and the consequences will be even worse. I understand I must take full responsibility for my actions and try to resolve any problems I have caused. This element of a staff member is key because I understand we are left with a lot of responsibility. I think I can understand people better than others, for example if someone is in a bad situation or is struggling, it is a staff members role to help them get through it.
I have a quite happy personality, I like to have a joke, but I know when to stop. When I start something I like to finish it, or until I have the perfect outcome. I want to get to know a different side to the community, and get to meet new people. I would say I am a patient person - I am very respectful, calm and understanding. These qualities are vital to a staff member, in my opinion. Overall I am very mature for my age, I am always ready for any job. I am against favouritism, and I fully understand I cannot pick sides as a staff member, everyone is equal no matter who they are. I am a fairly calm and chill person and quite confident. In this job confidence is key, as it is in any other job. I love to talk to different people, I am not toxic nor disrespectful to anyone. I understand that some people can come across as toxic, but I keep myself calm and use my skill of knowing how to manage and communicate with different types of personalities.
How long have you played ChainCraft: I have played Chain for around 3-4 months now, but I joined the server in around early 2013 when I started playing Minecraft originally with CP3, this was one of my first servers. I used to really enjoy the server but I took a break and recently I decided to play Soup again and I got back into the server. I think I am reasonably experienced for the staff job.
How active will you be: I am a very active player, I make a couple videos on the server, but I hope to create a staff series on the server if I get accepted. I usually hop on in the morning and after school then I go to the gym then spend the rest of the night on the server or do any homework. Here is a rough schedule if it helps:
(Normal School Week)
(School Holiday/Break) - Pretty much all day, same as a weekend.
Do you know how to screenshare properly: Yes I do know how to screenshare. I have been screenshared personally myself multiple times and I have also screenshared other people on 2 other servers. I haven't screenshared in the past 5 months but I am willing to learn and catch up. I would not ban anyone without providing solid proof or out going a screenshare. I personally use AnyDesk to screenshare, because I find it the easiest for myself and the other player. I use BLSquad screenshare tool but I dont know if that is outdated or not. I am always willing to learn new things as a staff member.
Do you have a working mic: Yes I do have a decent working mic (Razer Kraken 7.1) and I also have a spare TurtleBeach mic which I use for my PS4 which I can use if my current mic faces any problems. I have access to TeamSpeak, Skype, Discord and Telegram, I am willing to download any other social media platform if needed.
Any extra info: My real name is Adam and I was born on the 5th of November. I am a Graphics Designer, Forex Trader and I live in the United Kingdom. I have an interest in programming, gaming, economy and technology. In my spare time I like to trade Stocks and Foreign Exchange Currencies. I enjoy playing Rugby and I currently go to a private grammar school in the country side of England.
Thank you and I appreciate you for taking the time to read though my application.
Kind Regards, - Adam (CLAES)
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